Established in 2014 by Jeweler and Designer Megan Rugani.


Artist Statement:

     My recent body of work is my first collection fully composed of gold. I chose this material not only for its social value, but for its physical properties of warmth and light reflection. Within these works I have explored methods in which I can manipulate light by employing my graver in ways that emulate the faceting of gemstones to achieve the mesmerizing effect that light has on our attention. Along with this stylistic element that is carried through the collection, I have applied it to the use of symbology with which I have sentimentalized the work with my own emotional, introspective, and meditative experiences. Concepts of antiquity, impermanence, mysticism, death, and rebirth are spoken in a modern language of divine femininity. My work aims to remain visceral and existential but also utilitarian with simplicity in shape and fortitude in design and structure.