Established by goldsmith and designer Megan Rugani, Maiden Voyage Jewelry is an ever evolving collection of fine jewelry that values the singular nature of bespoke and the hand of the artist.

Hand engraving, a meticulous and time consuming art that became niche and antiquated with the rise of mass production, is resurrected and used with a modern voice. Substantial signets, classic bands, and rich stonework make for a collection that is innately androgynous.  Maiden Voyage pieces lie at an intersection of hard and soft, feminine and masculine, of the moment and of the past. The tension between these poles creates a look of timeless edge.

Handcrafted in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico with recycled gold, and ethically sourced Diamonds and Gemstones. 


From Megan: 

"My work is characterized not just by its design but by its process. My design itself is informed by the techniques and the skills with which I create by hand. I think this element of being artisan made has a huge impact on what I create, as my own mind and body are just as much effected by the process of the work as the work itself. Every blow of a hammer not only imparts an impact onto the gold it strikes but it resonates through my hand. The interaction between my design sensibilities, my aesthetic, my abilities as a goldsmith, and the enjoyment or the displeasure of certain techniques or repetitions, is the driving factor behind the work I ultimately create. My work is a reinforcement, and a reminder of my humanity. I hope that my work helps you feel connected to your human experience, in celebration.

A little about the tools and methods I use, below..."







I employ various methods and techniques to create my work. Fabrication, or "handmaking" is the process of melting and pouring metal, then milling it into sheet and wire which will then be sawed, formed, drilled, and soldered to build the piece of jewelry. I love this process for its "from scratch" satisfaction, and its straightforward aesthetic.



Some pieces begin as a block of wax, rather than building the piece from an additive style technique, I carve away the material using carving tools and burs to reveal its form. This process, for me, is quiet, slow, and meditative. The wax is then cast into metal using the lost wax casting technique, and finished by sanding and polishing.


engraving and stone setting

Gravers, beading tools, milgrainers, burnishers, punches....steel tools that from afar may all look identical but actually have incredibly small differences that make a big difference in their use. I use these tools to engrave designs and set diamonds and other stones. All of my hand engraved pieces are done individually, as hand engraving cannot be re-produced.