So you want a ring, but you don't know your ring size? 

We always first and foremost recommend going to a reputable jeweler to have your finger sized. This is something that usually will not require an appointment, as it should take just a few minutes, but it is wise to call beforehand. It is important that you communicate to the clerk what type of ring you are being sized for- the width of the shank and whether it is a "comfort fit" interior or standard. If you are working with us on a custom ring, we are always very clear about what to be sized for. If you are ordering a ring from our web-store and are unclear about the ring width, you are welcome to email us if the listing does not clearly state this information.

Generally when selecting a ring size, we recommend sizing up 1/2 size for bands 6mm and up, or if you intend to stack rings together making a stack that amounts to 6mm or more.

Finger sizes naturally fluctuate with temperature and activity, so try to find the average size between these fluctuations. If your size regularly fluctuates, it is likely best to err on the larger side- as a ring that is too tight is uncomfortable, but a ring that is a little loose can be secured with a "keeper band"- a narrow band to stack on the outside of your ring to keep it on your finger.

If you do not have access to a jeweler, please consider ordering this finger gauge to size for a ring that is 5mm and below, and this finger gauge for rings 6mm and above. For international sizing conversions please refer to this chart.

Our engraved bands that have a design that wraps around the entirety of the ring cannot be resized once completed. Please ensure your size is accurate before ordering, as we are not liable for an improper fit.

When purchasing a ring as a surprise gift or proposal and you do not know the recipients size: choose a ring that has the option to be resized. Some of our rings cannot be resized, and many only have a 1 size allowance. 

If you have specific questions regarding sizing please reach out to

Our custom made rings include one complimentary resizing, within 1 size in either direction. Rings purchased from our website may be resized on a discretionary basis, and will incur a $50 resize fee. Shipping and handling is the responsibility of the customer.