When selecting a ring size, we recommend sizing down 1/2 size for thin bands, such as our Notch bands, and 1/2 size up for wide bands such as the Sakura, or if you intend to stack rings together. Finger sizes naturally fluctuate with temperature and activity, so try to find the average size between these fluctuations. You can have your finger sized by any jeweler in American standard sizing. If you do not have access to a jeweler, please consider ordering a finger gauge. For international sizing please refer to this chart.

We offer 1 complimentary sizing on all of our gold rings. However, for our engraved bands that have a design that wraps around the entirety of the ring, these cannot be sized once completed. Please ensure your size is accurate before ordering, as we are not liable for an improper fit. If you have specific questions regarding this feel free to contact us at