Maiden Voyage pieces are created with a fine attention to detail and a consideration for longevity. Like any object of quality and delicacy, they should be cared for with mindfulness.

Not every design is intended for all day, everyday wear. While we strive for comfort in our designs, it is important to know when to remove your jewelry, and which pieces/materials are more or less suitable for a hardworking activity or lifestyle.

While the format of our designs could be described as bold, substantial, and practical; hand engraving is a rather delicate element. The more stress that is put on a hand engraved piece of jewelry, the more wear that the design will have over time, altering it’s appearance. Please consider our care guide for tips on how to choose the right piece of jewelry and maintain its beauty.


How do I clean my jewelry?

All you will need is warm-hot (not boiling) water, mild dish soap, and a soft bristled toothbrush. You may let the item soak for a couple minutes before scrubbing if you wish. Gently scrub the item with soap, making sure the bristles enter into cleaning holes on the backside of the setting. Rinse and dry with a microfiber towel or soft paper towel. If you feel that your piece is needing extra cleaning, you may take it to a local jeweler to be Steam Cleaned.

When should I remove my jewelry?

Exercising: Not only is doing strenuous activity in rings uncomfortable due to the swelling of fingers, it subjects them to bending, warping, and dulling due to pressure against objects and surfaces. 

Working with tools, or steel objects: Materials harder than gold (like steel or most tool metals) have the ability to impart dings, scratches, and overall wear onto gold. Any time you wrap your hand around something made of a material harder than gold- you risk that object damaging your rings. For example: Gardening or cooking/baking, riding a motorcycle (gripping over time can warp ring shape), working in a wood or metal shop, etc.

Using Chemicals, Products, or general dirty activities: Products containing alcohol, like scented lotions or perfumes, can dull the surface of soft stones over time. Lotion will get stuck in small crevices, like under an open-backed setting or inside of a pave setting, making transparent stones appear dull and lifeless. Cleaning products containing bleach can damage the integrity of metal over time. If your rings are clogged with lotion, give them a scrub with directions above.

**The above care notes apply mostly to rings.**

Sleeping: Your ears, fingers, and neck will thank you as well as your jewelry. Delicate chains can stretch and tangle when tugged on during your sleep. Earrings can bend, and/or pull on your earlobe causing pain and irritation.


How do I know what makes a stone an appropriate choice as an engagement/bridal ring?

The stone you choose for your forever ring will come down to personal preference and budget, however it is wise to consider the hardness and durability of a stone that will be worn regularly, and be subject to more stress than rings you may wear only on special occasions. Diamonds are the hardest gemstone available, meaning they are impervious to scratching and will maintain a high polish forever. They will rarely break or chip if set properly. Sapphires are a close second, while they are softer than Diamonds they maintain a polish over time very well, and will be durable against damage. Stones like Bloodstone, Black Jade, Carnelian, etc are quite soft compared to Diamonds, but for an alternative wedding ring worn with mindfulness, they will likely treat you well for years to come. Just keep in mind that is possible/ likely you will have to get your stone re-polished or repaired at some point down the road. We advise against choosing Mother of Pearl or Opal for a bridal ring.