Maiden Voyage pieces are made to last a lifetime, but as with any object of quality they require care and some occasional maintenance. Here is what we recommend for keeping your jewelry looking fresh for years to come.

It is best to avoid perfumes, lotions, and cosmetics near your jewelry. For pieces that are solid gold with no stones, these are safe to wear in water and in the shower. For translucent stones with a solid backing, please avoid submerging in water as to not trap liquids behind the stone. It is best to not sleep in your jewelry, not only will your fingers thank you, but delicate necklace chains can get tangled and break from stress over time. Our Mother of Pearl pieces have a glossy polish on the surface, constant contact with shampoos and soaps can strip this finish, please remove in the shower. Semi-precious stones such as Mother of Pearl, Onyx, Bloodstone, and Carnelian are vulnerable to sharp objects and pressure, and will break or scratch if mistreated.